In September 2002, Nathan joined the cast of Boy George's Taboo in the heart of London's West End

Originally, Nathan was cast in the ensemble of the show, understudying Billy, Marilyn and Guru Dazzle (Unleashing a preposterous Liverpool accent on an unsuspecting public!).

In February 2003, having become Dance Captain, Nathan was given the role of Steve Strange(Meaning that an equally preposterous Welsh accent was on the loose - Nathan met the real Steve Strange, the night before he started playing the role. Steve said to him, "You're not going to play me Welsh, are you? They always play me Welsh, and I don't speak like that!" Unfortunately, that was the way the part was directed, even though it is true that Steve Strange speaks without the least trace on a Welsh accent at all!).


He relinquished the Billy cover, and took up the cover for Philip Sallon, a role he ended up playing twelve times. The most terrifying part of the Philip Sallon role is the spot in the show that became known simply as, "Smoked Salmon," which was a totally unscripted five-minute slot of stand-up comedy, while walking around the audience with a plateful of smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels to give out.


Nathan had never done anything even approaching this sort of thing, and was extremely scared of how it would go, but after a couple of times, really started to understand what it is that fuels people to become comics. The feeling that people are enjoying your material, and laughing loudly at everything you say is a great one, and gives you a real buzz.



Taboo tells the story of Billy, a young man searching for stardom as a photographer in the early 1980s.

On his journey from an abusive upbringing in Bromley, via the illustrious squatters' culture of London's West End, to a life of Buddhism in India, he meets a variety of colourful characters, not least of which is another ambitious young man, George O'Dowd, later to become one of the most successful and influential pop singers of all time, Boy George.

Billy's dreams take him on a rollercoaster ride of nightclubs, pop-culture and sexual ambiguity, most flamboyantly depicted by 80s Fashion and Art Icon, Leigh Bowery, played in the show by Boy George himself.

Cast Details

(In order of appearance)
Philip Sallon
Paul Baker
Phil Nichol
Billy James
Declan Bennett
Derek James
David Burt
Josie James
Lyn Paul
Mari Wilson
Jackie Clune
David Burt
Lucy Newton
George O'Dowd
Euan Morton
Stephen Ashfield
Steve Strange
Drew Jaymson
Ryan Molloy
Nathan Taylor
Big Sue
Gail Mackinnon
Jody Butterworth
Leigh Bowery
Julian Clary
Boy George
Jon Partridge
Gary Amers
Gary / Guru Dazzle
Robbie Shelly
Nicola Dawn
Michele Hooper
Alana Phillips
Tamsin Stewart
Lucy Harris
Jody Butterworth
Emma Bispham
Nathan Taylor
Paul Spicer
Robbie Shelly
Daniel Carter
Martin Neely
Ben Draper
Kay Cole
Zee Asha

This list may look confusing. This is because people were coming and going, at random intervals, all the way through Nathan's time with the show. Where there are several names for one part, the actors listed are those who played it in chronological order, but there was no cast change as such, just a lot of crossing over.


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Backstage at Taboo
Nathan as Marilyn
Nathan as Steve Strange