Spend! Spend! Spend!

November 2001 took Nathan back to Germany for the English Theatre Frankfurt's production of Spend! Spend! Spend!

The show is a musical based on the life of Pools Winner, Viv Nicholson, and tells the story of her journey from impoverished Yorkshire housewife, to record-breaking recipient of (at that time) the largest ever win on the Littlewoods' Football Pools. When asked by the press what she was going to do with all that money, she famously replied that she was going to "Spend! Spend! Spend!"

True to her word, Viv did just that, and within a few short years, and with a good many husbands along the way, had spent the lot!

Unfortunately, some things are just not meant to be, and Nathan felt, for numerous reasons that he was unable to continue working in Frankfurt, so he made the decision to return to England in December. The show ran until March 9th, 2002.

Cast Details

(In Alphabetical Order)

Emma Bispham
Bridesmaid, Landlady, Tart
Alison Connell
Young Viv, Sue
Ray Gardner
Gareth Heesom
Fireman, Doorman, Stranger
Garry Kilby
Keith, Grandad
Kirsty Malpass
Bridesmaid, Model, Garforth Resident
Amanda-Jane Manning
Beautician, Stewardess, Daughter
Tessa Pritchard
Kevin Rooney
Mr Boscombe, Vicar, Taxman
Myra Sands
Mrs Waterman, Liz, Florrie
Nathan Taylor
Matt, Estate Agent, Bank Manager
Jamie Tyler
Saturday Boy, Fraudulent Granny, Policeman

All other Characters played by various cast members.


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