On the 21st August 2006, rehearsals began for the new West End production of the Broadway smash-hit show, Monty Python's Spamalot.
The show had already been wowing Broadway audiences for about eighteen months when the London production began, with a sizzling score by Python member, Eric idle, and John du Prez.

The story of the show was, "lovingly ripped off" from the original Monty Python film, THe Holy Grail, and features many of the now-famous set pieces, including the Knights of Ni, and the French Taunter.

Spamalot Broadway veterans, Tim Curry and Christopher Sieber (King Arthur and Sir Galahad, respectively) journeyed to London to reprise their Tony-nominated roles for West End audiences. For Nathan, after his Rocky Horror association, working with Tim Curry was a real thrill.

The show opened in October 2006, to rave reviews, and has had audiences howling with laughter ever since. It really is a very silly show, and with many musical theatre references and pastiche moments, as well as all the famous Monty Python sketches, is the kind of show that would appeal to anyone.

Nathan understudied the role of Lancelot (which also includes the popular characters of the Ni Kight, the French Taunter, and Tim the Enchanter), and performed the role three times. It was a great fun role to get the chance to play, largely because the characters are all so popular, and the audiences love to hear all the famous lines, but also because they are all so extreme, and it was wonderful to get the opportunity to go completely over the top with them.

Directed by legendary film director, Mike Nicholls, and choreographed by Casey Nicholaw, the show has a great team behind it.
Nathan left the show after eleven months, on the 21st August 2007.

Cast Details

Tim Curry
King Arthur
(Oct 06-Jan 07)
Simon Russell Beale
King Arthur
(Jan 07-Aug-07)
Hannah Waddingham
Lady of the Lake

Christopher Sieber
Sir Galahad
The Black Knight
The Father
(Oct 06-Jan-07)
Tom Goodman Hill
French Taunter
Ni Knight
Tim the Enchanter
Robert Hands
Sir Robin
Guard 1
Brother Maynard
Graham MacDuff
Sir Galahad
The Black Knight
The Father
(Jan-07-Aug 07)
David Birrell
Mayor of Finland
Guard 2
Darren Southworth
The Historian
Not Dead Fred
Tony Timberlake
Sir Bedevere
Mrs Galahad
Krystal Archer
Karen Aspinal*
Ross Dawes
Stuart Dawes
Rachel Dempsey
Emma Green
Selina Hamilton
Amber Neale
Andrew Spillett
Gavin Staplehurst
Sebastian Sykes
Luzahnn Taylor
Nathan Taylor
Amy Field
Lady of the Lake (Standby)
Craige Els
Standby for:
King Arthur
Simon Greiff
Standby for:
Sir Robin
Ben Clare
Rebecca Giaccopazzi
Mark Evans
Brendan Cull
Amy Ellen Richardson
*Karen joined the cast temporarily, between December 06 and February 07, to replace Rachel Dempsey, who had had a serious knee injury.


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