Use the buttons on the player (right) to hear mp3s of various recordings Nathan has made over the years.


Tracks in the player are as follows:


Round The Horne

In 2010, Nathan performed in a stage version of the 1960s hit comedy radio show, Round the Horne, as one of the Fraser Hayes Four, a close harmony singing quartet.  They performed four songs in the show, all of which can be heard here.


1. Button Up Your Overcoat

2. Paper Moon

3. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself a Letter)

4. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


The Rocky Horror Show

These recordings were made in Zurich, when Nathan was coming to the end of his European tour with the show.


5. Sweet Transvestite - Frank N' Furter's blistering entrance number.

6. Planet Schmanet - Frank starts to lose patience, and show a more menacing side to his nature.

7. Fay Wray - Frank's moment in the floor show, revealing, perhaps, a little of what made him the man he is.

8. I'm Going Home - Frank's swansong.


Hedwig and the Angry Inch

These songs were recorded during Nathan's final performance, in October 2000.


9. Tear Me Down - The opening number of the show, where we first see Hedwig in all her spitting, arrogant glory.

10. The Origin of Love - Hedwig sings the story her mother told her as a child: Plato's symposium, where everyone is searching the world for the one who will complete them.

11. Midnight Radio - The show's finale.  Perhaps Hedwig finds some closure and redemption?



The next batch of songs come from various concerts that Nathan has taken part in.


12. This Is The Moment - From Jekyll and Hyde (An Evening With Kate and Nathan)

13. Suddenly Seymour - From Little Shop of Horrors (An Evening with Kate and Nathan -sung with Kate Roberts)

14. We Can Be Kind - by David Friedman (An Evening with Kate and Nathan -sung with Kate Roberts)

15. Starlight Express - From Starlight Express (West End Comes East)