The Rocky Horror Show

In March 1998, Nathan began what has proven to be a very long association with Richard O'Brien's, "The Rocky Horror Show."
Initially, Nathan was one of the phantoms, while at the same time being the understudy for the roles of Frank N'Furter, (Played at that time by Jason Donovan) Brad Majors, and Riff Raff. The Show toured the UK for 14 months, and ended up at the Victoria Palace in London's West End.

It wasn't long after that tour finished, that Nathan was offered the role of Brad Majors. Of course, he accepted, and toured for a further nine months, still covering Frank (This time, first played by Darren Day, then by Alex Bourne), which he performed about 70 times.

On the first day of rehearsals, way back in 1998, The cast were told by Chris Malcolm (Dierctor/Producer), that "Once you become a member of the 'Rocky Family,' the show never fully leaves you." This certainly seems to have been the case. In January 2001, Nathan flew to Germany to play the part of Frank N' Furter, in the extremely successful European touring production of the show, a role he was delighted to finally be performing full-time.
A very short stint (3 days only!), followed in June 2001, then Nathan was back in the show for the Summer Tour, which took him to Germany, Austria, Hungary and Sicily, finally finishing in September.

Cast Lists

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25th Anniversary Tour: March 1998-June 1999
Autumn Tour: Sept-Dec 1999
Spring Tour: Jan-July 2000
European Tour: Jan-March 2001
European Summer Tour: July-Sep 2001

25th Anniversary Tour:
March 1998-June 1999

(Includes the run at The Victoria Palace, London)

Jason Donovan
Ross King
Michael Cashman
Victor Spinnetti
Nicholas Parsons
Ken Morley
Stuart de la Mere
Simona Morecroft
Laurie Brett
Gael Johnson
Riff Raff
Georgie Hayes
Ross O'Hennessy
Eddie/Dr Scott
Mark White
Alvin Stardust
Bekki Carpenter
Craig Giovannelli
Amanda-Jane Manning
Nathan Taylor
Darren Maddison
Lisa Gorgin
Simon Breen
Shane Cortese


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Nathan as Frank (UK)
Autumn Tour 1999 (UK)
Spring Tour 2000 (UK)
European Tours 2001

Nathan as Frank (UK)
These photos were taken at various performances while Nathan was understudying the role of Frank N' Furter, on various UK tours.
The first time Nathan played the part was at the massive Palace Theatre in Manchester, to an audience of 2200! At only 24 years old, that made him one of the youngest Frank N' Furters ever.