For those not in the know, Nunsense is a highly successful show - a whole suite of shows, in fact - that has been hugely popular in the States for about ten years.
Initially a show for a cast of women, the original Nunsense has had many sequel shows written, including "Nunsense - Back in the Habit, "Nunset Boulevard, " and of course, the all-male version of the original show, Nunsense A-Men.

The show tells the story of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, who are putting on a show to raise money, as a short while ago, 52 of the sisters died suddenly of food poisoning, but they only had enough money to bury 48 of them, and the remaining four, are waiting in the freezer!
Confused? I thought so.

In January 2010, the team behind 2009's very happy production of Naked Boys Singing wanted to establish an on-going late-night, bite-sized theatre scene in London, and decided to bring NBS back to the Arts Theatre. They wanted to add variety to the programme, and it was decided to put on another show, featuring essentially the same cast, and have the two shows running in rep, on alternate nights. Nunsense was the result.

Nathan played the Mistress of the Novices, a schoolmarmish deputy head, who tries to keep her girls on the straight and narrow, while all is falling apart around her.

Unfortunately, the show never truly found its audience, and although those who came seemed to enjoy it, they were in very small number, and the show closed in May 2010, after only about 16 performances.

Cast Details

The show opened originally with the following cast:
Ian Mowat
Stephen Butler
Adam Mendelsohn
David Lucas
Matthew Russell-Jones
Conleth Kane
Nathan Taylor
Joe van Haeften

Other cast members have included:
Davis Brooks
Duncan Leighton
James Cohen

Production Team

Leigh Thompson
Musical Director
Phil Willmott
Katharine Hare
Resident Director
Company Manager


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