Mar 30, 2011

Cabaret Confidential

On the 14th April, Nathan performed in cabaret at the Pheasantry on the uber-posh King's Road.

He was joined onstage that night by close friend, Matt Harrop ( Together they sang up a storm to entertain the audience over pizza!

The night was hosted by Cabaret Confidential veteran, Jamie Anderson. Also appearing in the bill that night were Ashleigh Jones, and Amanti. It was a varied and highly enjoyable evening.

Matt and Nathan have known each other for many years, since Drama College in fact, and were both swings together for a year in Les Mis. They have both been in the Rocky Horror Show as well, although not at the same time, so they certainly have a lot of history.  The drew on their shared experiences when putting together the running order for the show, and sang a collection of old favourites, including I'm Going Home, Nina From Argentina, and Starlight Express, as well as some not so well known songs, like the Indigo Girls' song, The Power of Two.


The night was a great success, and the pair may very well end up doing some more sets in the future, as they both had so much fun being onstage together.