May 18, 2011

Lost Boys

In May, Nathan took part in a workshop production of a new musical called Lost Boys, at the Union Theatre in Southwark.


The show has been commissioned by the Liverpool Playhouse, and is due for full production in 2012, has been written by Naked Boys SInging director, Phil Willmott, with music by Mark Collins.


Take the familiar characters from J M Barrie's classic novel, Peter Pan, and see what happens to them after the original story finished.  How do they deal with adulthood, after their extraordinary adventures in Neverland as children? How has their future been affected by their past?


Nathan played Captain Hook, and had a thoroughly good time, being as unpleasant as he possibly could!




Jos Slovick
Joanna Woodward
Wendy Darling
Chloe Hart
Jo Parsons
Nathan Taylor
Michael Darling
Dan Slade
John Darling
Mark Anderson
Matthew Grace
Tiger Lilly
Claire Marie Hall
Kim Powell

Choreography was supplied by Racky Plews.


The show was rehearsed for a week, and two public performances were given, to allow the creative team to see how an audience responded to it.