Just So

Christmas 2010 saw Nathan playing the role of the Jaguar, in Just So, by writing duo, George Styles and Anthony Drewe, at the famous Tabard Theatre in Chiswick, West London.

Nathan first met and worked with George and Anthony on Mary Poppins, and was delighted to be singing their music once again.

The show is based on Rudyard Kipling's The Just So Stories, and is an amalgam of many of the most famous of the stories, including How the Leopard Got His Spots, How the Rhino Got His Baggy Skin and the Story of The Elephant's Child.


Nathan, and Luke Fredericks as the Leopard, were the comedy duo in the piece, and had a wonderful time working together, being as thoroughly naughty as they could, both on AND offstage!

The show schedule was pretty punishing, packing in 58 performances in 6 weeks.  Due to the illness of Lewis Barnshaw partway through the run, Nathan ended up playing the Stove as well as the Jaguar for 14 shows!


Cast Details

Ian Knauer

Elephant's Child
Lee Greenaway
Kolokolo Bird
Lisa Baird
Luke Fredericks
Nathan Taylor
Sophie Bowden
Holly Easterbrook
Dingo Dog
Cheryl Neal
Lewis Barnshaw
Parsee Man
Thomas Lloyd
Stuart Douglas James
Voice of Pau Amma
Anthony Drewe

All other characters played by members of the company.


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(Photos by Simon Reilly)