F**king Men

On Tuesday 28th July, 2009, Nathan took over the role of Jack in Joe di Pietro's play, F**cking Men at the Arts Theatre in London's West End. The show was running in double bill with Naked Boys Singing, which he was also appearing in at the time.

F**king Men is a modern-day re-telling of the story of La Ronde, and features ten men in a cycle of sexual encounters.
Jack is a successful banker in New York, with a long-term partner, Leo, at home. They have an open relationship, but this seems to be much more up for this arrangement than Leo, who struggles to deal with the fact that they both have sexual relations with men outside the relationship.


In Jack's second scene, we see him with Ryan, a porn star, in a hotel room that Jack has obviously used before. For the first time, Jack breaks his and Leo's rules, and not only agrees to see Ryan again, but also goes to the lengths of setting him up in an apartment of his own. Jack and Leo's relationship is evolving into something entirely new.

Nathan says, on playing Jack:

"It was easy at first to dismiss Jack as a very shallow, unpleasant and uncaring character The more I got to know him, however, the more I came to understand him. He definitely loves Leo, and would never want to hurt him. Their sex life, however, has suffered over time, and he finds himself in a situation where he really CAN have his cake and eat it! In his mind, as long as he can keep the two sides to his life separate, who's going to get hurt?
I eventually found Jack a very sympathetic character, even likeable. He is charming and suave: this is very clear in the writing. It was a lot of fun to take this man, who is a bit of a bounder, and portray him as someone not unlike many of the men in the audience, and give him so much more than the two-dimensional first impression. I found I grew very fond of him"

This was not Nathan's first venuture into the world of F**king Men. Back in June (Saturday 27th), Nathan appeared in the show during its run at the King's Head. Back then, he played Jack's partner Leo, who we first see trying to justify the openness of their relationship in a very uncomfortable scene with Kyle, a rather self-absorbed student. Nathan only played the role as a one off at the 6pm performance, and it proved a pretty eventful occasion: torrential rain leaked onto the stage and the show had to be halted, before resuming, but with no lights and no sound, as the water was perilously close to the electrics in the theatre. NOT the easiest situation for any actor's first night!

F**king Men ran for over six months at the King's Head, before transferring to the Arts Theatre with Naked Boys Singing. Nathan appeared in the show until Saturday the 8th August.


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